In the environment of changing economic conditions and dynamic development of technology, increasing expectations of our customers and contractors, we conduct our business in reliable, ethical, and ambitious manner. We want to continuously prove that „the sense of creation” is a core of our work. This entails also openness and cooperation, very well tied-in in organisational culture of the Group, but most of all, the environment open to innovations.

Budimex S.A. is a company having nearly fifty-years-long tradition, and a leader of the Polish building market. The Company employs over 6000 specialists. The Company’s business profile entails implementation of projects concerning road, railway and airport infrastructure as well as energy and industry. Budimex is present not only on the Polish market, but also on foreign ones. The Company gradually increases its involvement in facility management sector (management of real estates and infrastructure facilities) and waste management. The Company has been listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1995, and has been a part of RESPECT index – the most reliable companies listed on stock exchange – since 2011.
Ferrovial – Spanish company with global outreach is the strategic investor. Budimex Group annually cooperates with 12 thousand of contractors. The Group encompasses: Budimex Real Estate, Mostostal Kraków and Elektromontaż Poznań S.A.

Budimex is one of signatories of Agreement for Safety in Building Industry: the initiative established in 2010, gathering the largest general contractors from Poland for improvement of work safety in the building industry. More information is available at www.budimex.pl

Project: “Budimex Innovations”

We support innovative businesses. We help selected start-ups in testing and implementation phases. While searching for innovations and supporting them, we cooperate with institutions, universities, accelerators, investment funds and external partners. We search for originators and creators of projects in disciplines where we continuously want to improve quality, effectiveness, economy, care of environment and safety.

Here are example areas:

Design process

  • How to eliminate design faults and support planning of a precise investment process?
  • How to utilise reproducibility of investment process?
  • How to support Lean Construction?

Building process

  • How to eliminate errors effecting from the specificity of building production?
  • How to optimise utilisation of materials and resources?
  • How to support sustained building and limit impact on the natural environment?

Facility management

  • How to implement modern methods of spatial planning?
  • How to record faults and optimise their removal in real time?
  • How to effectively cooperate with services managing the building?

Occupancy of facilities

  • How to integrate numerous devices dedicated to individual recipients within one network, and how to ensure an easy control over them?
  • How to ensure safety of the Internet of Things?
  • How to support development of the city 2.0?

Business and cooperation

We would like to invite scientific institutions and companies as interested in technical and technological development of the building industry as we are to the cooperation. We are looking for business, institutional and scientific partners with whom we will be able to implement ambitious projects concerning innovative solutions with the support of external funds.

Any inquiries concerning cooperation and business partnership should be directed to e-mail address: innowacje@budimex.pl, with a title “BUSINESS PARTNERS”.

Submit a start-up

To submit a start-up, please fill in the form available at our website.
But before you send your application, please acknowledge the rules.

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The goal of the project is to establish cooperation with young companies which, just as we, are willing to modernise the building and development industry. The subject cooperation is also a potential which we want to fully exploit, offering our openness and readiness to innovations, know-how, market experience, willingness to improve quality of processes and services. For start-ups, this is the opportunity to examine the solution practically: to perform tests, conduct research in professional business, production and service environment. This is the opportunity to conquer the market, starting from cooperation with the largest building company in Poland.


“Budimex Innovations” project starts in January 2018, and is not limited in time.
We declare detailed consideration of each application. Each application will be considered in terms of compliance with our business. Replies concerning further proceedings of the application are planned to be sent in period of up to 4 weeks from date of sending a start-up submission form.


Participation in “Budimex Innovations” project is open to operators registered or entered in the registry of enterprises in Poland, operating on the market not longer than 5 years, and offering prototype of a product/service for the building industry or smart city.


“Budimex Innovations” project is about searching for innovations on the start-up market and selecting those which correspond to business needs of Budimex S.A. to the fullest extent. Thanks to cooperation established with KPT ScaleUp and YouNick Mint, we are able to support development of young business and to establish future cooperation.


Budimex S.A. cooperates for innovations with external partners: the accelerator for start-ups (Kraków Technology Park) and the investment fund (YouNick Mint). When decision concerning establishment of cooperation with a selected start-up is made, we can recommend implementation of adequate development programme hosted by our partners. Considering this, cooperation established with a start-up will take place under terms and conditions specified by KPT ScaleUp or YouNick Mint. By sending a start-up’s submission form considering “Budimex Innovations” project, an applicant agrees to terms and conditions provided in the Rules of KPT ScaleUp http://scaleup.kpt.krakow.pl/ and YouNick Mint http://younickmint.com/pl/.


Personal data provided in the form will be processed in accordance with the Act on Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (i.e. Polish Journal of Laws [Dz.U.] of 2016, item 922 as later amended). Budimex S.A., having its seat in Warsaw at ul. Stawki 40, is the administrator of personal data specified in the Form. Provision of data is voluntary. The data subject is entitled to access the data and to correct it. Statements and requests, including withdrawal of application, should be sent to e-mail address: innowacje@budimex.pl with message title “AMENDMENT TO DATA”.



KPT ScaleUp is one of 10 Polish nationwide accelerators established within the framework of Start In Poland programme. It is addressed to companies working over innovations for the industry and smart city. Its goal is to prepare selected start-ups for implementations in large companies and to develop scale of their businesses. The programme is carried out by team of Kraków Technology Park, contributing to create advantageous conditions for development of entrepreneurship in Małopolska Region for 20 years now. The project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Plan in the framework of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.
YouNick Mint is the operational investment fund making investments in innovative projects on early stage of development, and supporting them with competences of its experts.
For entities in which we invest, we perform the tasks in the following domains: user research, human resources, business intelligence, IP strategy product design, marketing & sales.
The main sectors where we search for new projects are: healthcare, digital healthcare, industry 4.0. We put emphasis on projects of global potential, having important advantage over alternative solutions, including, among the others, technological advantage and vision towards creation of value of PLN 150 million in the next 6 years.
Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology Over seventy-years-long experience in education of engineers, highly qualified personnel, access to the latest technologies, scientific research and innovative solutions in many areas, cooperation with worldwide universities as well as industry – this is Cracow University of Technology. At present, the University educates nearly 15 thousand students on the first and second degree full-time and part-time studies, doctoral and postgraduate studies at seven faculties: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science as well as Mechanical Engineering.
Warsaw University of Technology is a highly ranked university which is continuously built by numerous successes of its scientists, employees and students as well as entrepreneurs collaborating with Warsaw University of Technology. This is where the most daring ideas and theories are translated into actions and become inventions! New courses are started, new laboratories are established, cooperation with the industry and foreign centres is developed. Our students and graduates acquire the best possible education in technical domains – they become the sought-for specialists on the labour market. “In these days, in the world of rapidly developing technologies, demand for engineers is still growing. They create foundations of technical civilisation facilitating social development. The profession of engineer is highly satisfactory, but it also entails responsibility, requires creative attitude, creativity and openness to innovations. Young people starting to study in Warsaw University of Technology make the right choice. This is where they acquire a solid education ensuring high professional qualifications, and this is where they find conditions to develop their scientific, sporting or cultural and artistic passions. In Warsaw University of Technology, we educate the future leaders developing great careers on Polish and international labour markets."
Mr. Prof., Ph.D., Eng. Jan Szmidt, Rector of Warsaw University of Technology


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